API has been recognized by industry news leaders as well as our customers for quality work. We have achieved partner level status with multiple OEMs recognizing our excellence in delivery and quality performance.

Here is what the industry is saying:

Iowa Industrial Products (IIP) was founded in 1960 by Dan McIlhon. His brother, Pat McIlhon, joined him as a partner in 1966. Pat preferred tools to the nuts and bolts Dan sold and opened his own operation, Tools Inc., in 1976. Dan bought his brother's shares and returned to sole owner of his company.

Dan had 12 children, six of whom were instrumental in IIP over the next four decades: Ed McIlhon joined the sales team in 1968 while finishing college and worked his way up to president by 1990; John McIlhon served as purchasing manager; Margaret McIlhon Richards and Matt McIlhon handled inside sales; Tom McIlhon was vice president of operations; and Joe McIlhon was vice president of sales & marketing.

IIP saw significant growth in revenue which ultimately led to its sale. Sales were $3.5 million in 1986 and $53.5 million by 1999. The majority of the increase was attributed to its core customer, John Deere...(read more)

Legends of The Industry

Dan Zehnder welcomes industry magnate, Mr. Ed McIlhon, of Assembled Products Inc, to the latest installment of Legends of the Industry (79:10). It’s amazing what can happen during a simple test of a new phone system.

   Ed's interview begins at the 79 min. 10 sec mark.

Casey McIlhon Joins Assembled Products. Inc.

I am writing to let you know that I will be ceasing my Manufacturer’s Representation business as I have taken a direct role as the Executive Vice President of Sales for Assembled Products. Assembled Products is a business owned by my Father, Ed McIlhon, and we offer kitting, bundling, and assembly services through two locations in Des Moines, IA and Carol Stream, IL.

As it pertains to lines currently represented, each of the firms of GL Huyett, Big Bolt, and MW Industries will be in contact with any further information as it pertains to field representation...(read more)

Fastener Tech '11

Fastener Tech '11 attendees and organizers, including Matt Ulrich, Andy Cohn, Jackie Ventura and Mark Klosek offer comments from the show floor.

   Matt's interview begins at the 24 min. 04 sec mark.